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Leed Benefits

A Downtown Columbia Apartment Where Good Living is Green Living

LEED® provides a smart, modern framework for planning, constructing, maintaining and operating today’s communities. Short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™, LEED® is an internationally recognized rating system for green buildings. To qualify for LEED® certification, a building’s design and construction must be focused on sustainability and its operators must be willing to seek out innovative solutions that support our environment and our communities.

At TEN.M, we’ve built a residence that embraces the principles of LEED® and we’re pursuing LEED® for New Construction at the Silver level. That means when you live here, you can be certain you’re living in a home that respects both you and the environment. TEN.M features:


Built on an urban in-fill site that reduces car use by being walkable to shopping, entertainment, employment and public transportation
Adjacent to the West Promenade, a three-quarter-acre public gathering space featuring gateway buildings with native plantings, bioretention basins, public art installations and outdoor areas for all ages
Offers onsite bicycle storage and car-charging stations to support lower-emission modes of transportation

water efficiency

Low-flow plumbing fixtures reduce building usage by 30%
100% of rainwater in new-built areas captured and treated onsite by bioretention planters
100% of landscape irrigation comes from a rainwater storage cistern

energy and atmosphere

Building’s design and its heating and cooling systems reduce energy consumption by 23%, lowering our carbon footprint
Appliances are ENERGY STAR® rated, reducing energy use and cost Energy for the building is purchased from a source that supplies renewable energy to the power grid, helping reduce the reliance on fossil fuels
To ensure continued optimal performance, the building systems are reviewed through commissioning by an independent authority and a systems manual outlining requirements for maintaining the performance of the systems has been published and issued to staff

materials and resources

10% of the building is made from recycled materials
10% of the building materials were manufactured within a 500-mile radius, reducing the environmental impact of transportation
75% of construction waste was recycled or salvaged, reducing the strain on landfills

indoor environmental quality

TEN.M and m.Flats are  a 100% smoke-free building and site
Low-VOC coatings, paints, adhesives and sealants improve air quality
All apartment homes have operable windows, allowing residents to bring in fresh air and control circulation
95% of regularly occupied spaces have access to views of the outdoors
Pollutants controlled through walk-off mats, entryway systems and mechanical system-filtration media
Residents manage lighting and temperature through controls in all regularly occupied spaces, ensuring comfort